We&#039;re running a web application that&#039;s supposed to extract data from an<BR> Excel sheet into a database. For this, we use an ASP pages. In the ASP page, we create a VB object. This is where the error occurs,<BR> and it also happens if we use the Set obj = New Excel.Application<BR>syntax.We installed the excel software in the server login as administrator.<BR><BR>In client machine if user(client) have the administrative previliges , when using IE asp page works fine .if user doesn’t have administrative previliges getting &#039;Permission denied&#039; on the<BR> creation of the Excel application object.<BR><BR> We&#039;ve already tried to add the IUSR_-account to the Administrators group but still same problem. <BR><BR>In IIS under security tab if I change anon access user from IUSR to a domain account which is having administrative previliges its working fine. But I don’t want to do this.Instead of assigning administrative account is there any way to do or what previliges I need to run this excel object ?if I know this I can create one new account and I can assign this account in anonymous account.<BR><BR>I hope I cleared my problem pl help me.<BR><BR><BR><BR>