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    Default Content Management System

    HI guys,<BR>I may have asked this question beforehand...but anyway.<BR><BR>Are there any web based content management systems on the net that you know of that are freeware? Something with a word like interface that allows users to edit pages, through a simple method like writing a word document, with bold, italics, etc etc?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>John

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    Default RE: Content Management System

    you mean this sort of interface, right :<BR><BR>

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    Default yes, exactly

    is it relatively easy to work this into existing sites or applications? Is it asp friendly?<BR><BR>and<BR><BR>how much $?

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    Default RE: yes, exactly

    very ASP friendly. I use it myself constantly. I&#039;ve also forgotten how much it is, AU$15 maybe? have a squint at the docs and you&#039;ll see it&#039;s pretty simple to use<BR><BR>

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    Default $15? do I go about purchase?


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    Default RE: $15? do I go about purchase?

    it&#039;s all explained on the site - go to and drop $15 into the account and you&#039;ll get the component in an email when the payment is processed.<BR><BR> .00

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    Default cool, one more question though...

    Is it possible for the person entering in the text to add images and links?<BR><BR>John

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    Default RE: cool, one more question though...

    links and images are dead easy - there&#039;s a button for each of them. there&#039;s also a view-&#062;source option which is undocumented (kind of an easter egg for those who can get their heads round the code ;-)

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    Default excellent

    thanks for your help on this..<BR><BR>Im off for now, have a good weekend!

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    Default Atrax, you're now $15 richer

    ;-)<BR><BR>Thanks mate,<BR>John<BR><BR>PS. Can I come here for support or should I contact you directly?

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