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    Default preserving page integrity

    Im using three dropdowns which upon user selection dictate the structure of an sql statement which then lists the results on screen. Within this page I also, have a number of radio buttons used as a poll type thing, that increment request counts.<BR><BR>Anyway, my problem is that when a user hits a radio button the dropdowns roll back to default and I return the default results listing.<BR><BR>I have considered using session variables. Would this be the best approach?<BR><BR>The desired outcome would be to preserve my dropdowns and the existing sql statement, but im a little unsure on how best to handle this.<BR><BR>Thanks guys,<BR>John<BR><BR>PS. I can post code upon request if necessary.

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    Default my apologies, i forgot to mention..

    ...that the page self submits.

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    Default That was obvious...

    ...but why?<BR><BR>And this is in the ASPFAQs, category "Forms".<BR><BR>If you are going to submit because of the change of radio button, then you&#039;ll just have to preserve the state of the &#060;SELECT&#062;s yourself.<BR><BR>

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