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    Hi there, I posted last time with a typo,<BR><BR>I have been trying without succcess to find a solution to my problem with the FSO.<BR><BR>I am trying to move a file which exists in one directory on the web server to another directory on the same server. The reason for the move is that the user wants the file to become secure, and the destination directory requires authentication.<BR><BR>Before I do the move I have authenticated on the directory which is secure and therefore should be able to do anything as I have full control. I cannot do a move or copy though because I get a permission denied error.<BR><BR>I have the necessary rights for this so the error is confusing, especially the fact that I can go to the delete file section of the intranet and delete a file from the secure directory still using FSO.<BR><BR>I thought that the currently authenticated user who creates the fso allows the fso to use this in moving etc.<BR><BR>I can only find answers to these issues where people tell you to add the IWAM to the folder but this defeats the secure aspect of the whole thing. If I do add IWAM just to check the syntax, then the file will move without a problem.<BR>my code is very simple, I have tried with the folder having the filename and without and with trailing "\" but nothing works.<BR><BR>Set fso = server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")< BR>strfile = Server.MapPath("intranetsecurefilename.txt")<BR>st rFolder = server.MapPath("intranetopenfilename.txt")<BR>fso. MoveFile strFile, strFolder<BR>Set fso = Nothing<BR><BR><BR><BR>Please help...<BR><BR>Kind Regards<BR><BR>Andrew

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    Default See below <eom>


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