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    Over the past month I have been studying ASP and feel I am at a point where, I know enough to move onto the next language.<BR>I picked PHP.<BR><BR>Our of curiosity though, as I have seen no information on this. In ASP you have a session variable which will let you show information within a webpage for as long as you don&#039t close your browser.<BR><BR>Does PHP have any type of cuntion similar to the Session variable that ASP has?<BR><BR>Let me know.<BR><BR>Thanks

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    Yes - Just moved onto a Unix server and had to learn a little PHP, including the session object.<BR><BR>Search the web for "php session variables"<BR><BR>Appears to be done in this format :<BR>session_register("email")<BR>$email_address = $email //the session variable<BR><BR>Cheers and good luck

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