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    i want a internal search functionality in my website .<BR>all the files in my folders i want to include in that search.<BR>suppose if i write "register" in that search text box,i want to<BR>display the links of all the files that contains the keyword register.<BR>using how can i implement this .thanks for your idea<BR>

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    Default oof, i wrote one of these in perl

    a long time ago...<BR><BR>basically what i did was kept a list of searchable files along with page titles for displaying in the search results in a config file (we had no DBs). opened each file, cleared out the html, did a regex search : if it contained it, show the title from the config file, a link, and some text surrounding the word : if not, move on. it wouldn&#039;t do multiple occurences, i was only 1 year into college then, so you make of that as you will.

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