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    Can someone please explain what following code does..thanks<BR><BR>if (top != self){<BR> if (parent.frames[0]){<BR> parent.frames[0].destination=false;<BR> parent.location.href = location.href;<BR> }else{<BR> top.location.href = location.href;<BR> } <BR>}<BR>else {<BR> ..&#060;frameset rows="40,*" framespacing="0" frameborder="0"&#062;;<BR> ....<BR>}<BR><BR>

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    Default i'm guessing

    if you&#039;ve ever opened a link from Hotmail, how it keeps the frame at the top with the hotmail message, and puts the page that you want to see in the bottom frame, it determines that and gets rid of the frame by making the "top"&#039;s location equal to the bottom frame&#039;s href...<BR><BR>parent i think is a window, like "opener" . i think if the window is opened up from another window, it sets the window that opened it to the location... weird, malevolent script :-P

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