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    question... is it really bad to have in one form submission, up to 1500 updates and/or inserts being executed? i have a form where in one textarea, a user is pasting data from an excel spreadsheet. this sheet can contain up to 1500 lines. i have to run through each line individually and insert each into a table in a database, or update a record in that table. will this bring bad performance on the server?

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    Default yes but

    you have to do it one way or another, right? and it&#039;s easier for the user to paste this stuff in there? it might be better to just leave it as it is. a possible alternative, though...<BR>upload the actual excel file, save it, and make an ODBC connection to it and load it in... this is mighty slow but less string-searching, but also less code... a LOT less code. you can just say "Insert into table select from ExcelSheet" and execute that code. you&#039;d need the upload code and the database code, and that&#039;s it. no long string of updates / inserts.

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