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    Can anyone please help me with this. I have same code to send the emails. But once in a while i am getting this error messages. Could you please tell me what might be the possible reasons that makes this occur.<BR><BR>jmail.SMTPMail error &#039;8000ffff&#039;<BR><BR>503 must have sender and recipient first<BR><BR><BR>Here are the program details:<BR>Procedure call <BR><BR>SendEmail &amp;quot;;quot;, &amp;quot;;quot;, &amp;quot;&amp;quot;, &amp;quot;&amp;quot;, &amp;quot;Survey&amp;quot;, myBody<BR><BR>Procedure<BR><BR>sub SendEmail(strFrom, strTo, strCc, strBcc, strSubj, strMsg)<BR> dim oMail<BR><BR> set oMail = Server.CreateObject(&amp;quot;JMail.SMTPMail&amp;q uot;)<BR><BR> oMail.Sender = strFrom<BR><BR> if StrHasValue(strTo) then<BR> oMail.AddRecipient strTo<BR> end if<BR> <BR> if StrHasValue(strCc) then<BR> oMail.AddRecipientCC strCc<BR> end if<BR><BR> if StrHasValue(strBcc) then<BR> oMail.AddRecipientBCC strBcc<BR> end if<BR> <BR> oMail.Subject = strSubj<BR> oMail.Body = strMsg<BR> oMail.Execute<BR> Set oMail = nothing<BR>end sub<BR>

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    sub SendEmail(strFrom, strTo, strCc, strBcc, strSubj, strMsg)<BR>dim oMail<BR><BR>set oMail = Server.CreateObject(&quot;JMail.SMTPMail&quot;)<BR ><BR>oMail.Sender = strFrom<BR><BR>if StrHasValue(strTo) then<BR>Response.Write "strTo being added"<BR>oMail.AddRecipient strTo<BR>end if<BR><BR>if StrHasValue(strCc) then<BR>Response.Write "strCC being added"<BR>oMail.AddRecipientCC strCc<BR>end if<BR><BR>if StrHasValue(strBcc) then<BR>Response.Write "strBCC being added"<BR>oMail.AddRecipientBCC strBcc<BR>end if<BR><BR>oMail.Subject = strSubj<BR>oMail.Body = strMsg<BR>oMail.Execute<BR>Set oMail = nothing<BR>end sub<BR>

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