Can anyone help with the following issue please?<BR><BR>I am trying to convert ASP pages into JSP. In one of my ASP page I am using _javascript to create MSXML DOM Object - MSXML Parser(to set up the XML data) and MSXMLHTTP Object (to post the Data to another page).<BR><BR>Here is the sample code in java script.<BR><BR>// I am posting the data to the following port (let say another page)<BR>var URLtoPost = "http://localhost:6028/";<BR><BR>// Here is my XML data<BR>var XMLDataString = &#039;&#060;?xml version = "1.0" ?&#062;&#060;WebMap&#062; &#060;Property&#062;123&#060;/Property&#062; &#060;/WebMap&#062;&#039;<BR><BR>//creatation of MSXML Dom Object<BR><BR>var xmlDoc = new ActiveXObject("Msxml2.DOMDocument.3.0");<BR><BR>//creation of MSXMLHTTP object<BR>var xmlhttp = new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP");<BR><BR>// load the XML into the DOM object<BR>xmlDoc.loadXML(XMLDataString);<BR><BR>// Posting the XML to another page<BR>xmlhttp.Open("POST",URLtoPost, false);<BR>xmlhttp.Send(xmlDoc);<BR><BR><BR>I need convert the above code into JSP.<BR><BR>Here is I need to do on the JSP page (java).<BR><BR>#1. Create a Dom Object and load the XML data.<BR><BR>#2. Post the above Object into other ASP page on the other server (Is it possible to post JavaX based XML data into the ASP page, there i am using MSXML parser at the receiving end)<BR><BR>I have found out how to create DOM object in JSP by using Javax parser, now I need to post it into other server (URL)<BR><BR>