"Thank Godness for this site"! This place is a new-guy&#039s dream.<BR>Ok, no A in FAQ, suprise-suprise<BR><BR>I earlier found (here) a wonderfull Web based ASP SQL program to run a SQL query through a selected DSN. <BR>Results are returned in a browser table using:<BR>Response.Write w/RS.EOF and RS.State and RS.EOF<BR>just loop and write it out until done. Very smooth!<BR><BR>I modified a tad and want to return the <BR>RS (ADO result set) columns and rows to Excel based upon <BR>radio button selection of "web" (Done) or "Excel"<BR>(XLS_97 or XLS_2K which ever is easier)<BR>Any ideas!!!<BR>Just point me if you can.<BR><BR>