Can someone please help me out !!<BR><BR>I am trying to add a web textbox control to a asp web form webform1.aspx. After adding the textbox control to the web form, I switch to HTML mode and then switch it back to DESIGN mode, the textbox changes to <BR><BR>&#060;asp Textbox id="TextBox1" <BR>style="???????? ? ? ???????<BR><BR>Now if I switch back to HTML mode, the form looks something like this:<BR>&#060;form id="Form1" method="post" runat="server"&#062;<BR> &lt;asp:TextBox id="TextBox1" style="?????? ? ?? ????? ?????? ????????? <BR> ????????? ???? ????? ?????????????????? <BR> ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????<BR> &#060;/form&#062;<BR><BR>Any Ideas ??<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Pankopat