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    I cant for the life of me remember how to do a **** recordcount of the total number of rows within an access db.<BR><BR>I thought it was <BR><BR>"SELECT count(*) from table_name"<BR><BR>RS open<BR><BR>response.write RS.recordcount<BR><BR>Am I losing my mind????

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    I think you would do Select * from<BR><BR>but no need to select all the records<BR><BR>Select Count(ID) AS CountOfID From Tablename<BR><BR>Response.Write rs("CountOfID")<BR><BR>You can even add a where clause to that statemenet to limit if needed<BR>Select Count(ID) AS CountOfID From Tablename where fldMember = &#039;Russell&#039;<BR><BR>

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    thanks heaps..<BR><BR>*phew phew*

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    Default Russel

    I just got back and I posted responses below.<BR><BR>Thanks for the help.

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