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    I developed an application that generates pdf reports and rtf reports. When user clicks on the link, new browser window opens with the report in it (2 separate links, 2 separate formats). It works on ALL machines but one. This user works from the remote location so I cant go there and check out what is wrong. She has the latest verson of IE and Adobe PDF Viewer. When she clicks on the link nothing is happening. What can I possibly suggest to her? Any ideas?????

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    is this cross posted?<BR><BR>you said a new browser window opens... would this be considered a popup? would she happen to have some popup stopper software (the kind that blocks ALL popups)? do you use javascript? does she have javascript disabled?

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    Default Your suggestion is to

    get a new box?<BR><BR>Dont you guys have all the machines from the same image??<BR><BR><BR>

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