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    I always close a recordset and athe connection for an Access databse by:<BR><BR>rs=nothing<BR>conn=nothing<BR><BR>I was just told that if you close the connection you don&#039;t need to close the recordset. In other words closing the connection also closes the recordset.<BR><BR>Is this true?

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    As I have learn&#039;t in programming with DB&#039;s especially it is always best to EXPLICITLY close everything even tho the programming language says it does....<BR><BR>Old CoBoL Men/Women know all about Manually doing everything (not a bad practice to get into.)<BR><BR>As to does it close? I haven&#039;t a clue

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    Default you should explicitly close it and then destroy

    If rs.STATE = adStateOpen Then rs.Close<BR>If conn.STATE = adStateOpen Then conn.Close<BR>rs=nothing<BR>conn=nothing

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