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    Hi Gurus,<BR><BR>I am new to .Net, please help me regarding my question.<BR><BR>I have three files that were developed by another developer. Three files are Editr.aspx, Editr.aspx.resx and Editr.aspx.vb<BR>I did some changes in Editr.aspx.vb which works fine in my development area. But when I checked Production area it has only one file i.e Editr.aspx. My question is, how can I merge two other files with Editr.aspx or is there any way to compile Editr.aspx who automafically merge these files in Editr.aspx<BR><BR>Please help me<BR><BR>

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    You probaly need to recompile the application including your changed file and redeploy.<BR><BR>In a compiled application, the codebehind is used to create the dll.

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