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    So far I have settled with using &#060;asp:label id="" runat="server" /&#062; for writing variables onto my page.<BR>But now I want to write a custom JavaScript function based on some QueryString&#039;s. And therefore the result of label:&#060;span&#062;&#060;/span&#062; is not going to work...<BR><BR>

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    Why not?<BR>yourLabel.Text = "Value=" + Request.QueryString["param"];<BR><BR>

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    Default Wrong, but I found out what to do

    then the html result will be<BR>&#060;span id="yourLabel"&#062;Value=QueryString&#060;/span&#062;<BR>and since I want to use it inside a javascript<BR>it wont work.<BR>I did normal response write at the position i wanted the result insted:<BR>&#060;% Response.Write("window.resizeTo(" & Request.QueryString("w") +6 & "," & Request.QueryString("h") +30 & ")") %&#062;<BR>its part of a auto window resizing script..

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    Default Ah ok check these

    RegisterStartupScript<BR>RegisterClientScriptBlock <BR>RegisterArrayDeclaration<BR><BR>

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