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    1)How can I determine the ASP version that is installed on my system? The version of my asp.dll is 4.02.0690. What have I to download to get ASP 3.0 on a Win98 SE pc?<BR>2)Using Visual InterDev, how can I step into the code? Most of the items in the Debug menu are disabled.<BR>3)How can I force Visual InterDev to capitalize the first letter of the reserved words and do all the other automatic formatting VB does? I searched the Options menu, but found nothing.<BR>Thank you

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    Default I can (partially) answer 3:

    I don&#039;t think you can make VI do this capitalization. But it doesn&#039;t matter as VB/VBscript are case-insensitive. Visual Studio just makes it look more "consistent" by making sure every word spelt the same has the same capitalisation - but the code would work just the same even if it didn&#039;t.

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