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    Default event order, confusing !

    hi all,<BR><BR>i am making a login user control, when a user logs in, Formsauthentication.SetAuthCookie(); is called...BUT the user is supposed to stay on that page..no redirection supposed to happen..only a message must be displayd upon a check for a cookie in the Page_Load() of that page.<BR><BR>the problem is that the cookie is created..i know that by Trace..but it seems that it is created after my code checks it !<BR>what should i do?!<BR><BR>

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    Events happen after Page_Load.<BR>Is that your issue?

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    Default does this mean..

    that anything to be changed in the page according to that event must be done in the event handler, if so..then yes ..this is my issue.<BR>i have to have the same code in both Page_Load and MyEventHandler methods, this is bad :(<BR>because i create the cookie in the event handler and check for it in the Page_Load. <BR>i did so because i wanted to check everytime he enters the page...( obviously this would not work on the first time when he clicks the button )<BR>thanx andrew :)

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    Default RE: does this mean..

    Yes, but...<BR>You shouldn&#039;t repeat the code, break it out into annother function and call that function from Page_Load when required and from a handler when required.<BR><BR>I often have a Bind&#060;SomeName&#062;List() methods that have the logic required for binding a specific Datagrid/list/repeater<BR>

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