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    Default 3 web templates for sale

    Price: $30 <BR><BR>http://www.visiascreen.com/templates/template1.gif <BR><BR>Price: $20 <BR><BR>http://www.visiascreen.com/templates/template2.gif <BR>http://www.visiascreen.com/templates/template3.gif <BR><BR>-PSD file <BR>-coded mainpage <BR>-all images used <BR>-fonts <BR>-.css stylesheet <BR>-Small customizations <BR><BR>If you buy within 24 hours you will get 20% discount <BR><BR><BR>payments via moneybookers.com ( all major cc ) <BR><BR>If you want to buy this template please contact me via pm or <BR>vasio@visiascreen.com <BR><BR>thanks for your time <BR>------------------------------ <BR>Dear colleagues, sorry for this post, and you may be say-This is spam! <BR>but... i am freelance designer from Bulgaria.In my country <BR>my honorarium is $0.9-$1.35 per hour ;``((... this is poverty... I looking for <BR>telework, sell templates or little donate because i am desperate ;``(((... <BR>Once again sorry for this post, but i really need of support... ;`(( <BR>Radoslav Ivanov <BR>

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    Default But it's still spam. <eop>


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