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    I am having a problem with dates.<BR><BR>I am using popup calender to select the date onto a text field... now the problem is that i am unable to make it to dd/mmm/yyyy, this is in javascript<BR><BR>well I am using cdate to convert it to date.<BR>then in asp scripting(VBScripting)... I am explicitly making it as <BR>day(dateField)&"/"&monthName(month(dateField),true)&"/"&year(dateField)<BR><BR>I am not getting my desired out put in dd/mmm/yyyy, dates are going haywire....all i want is that when i am sending the dates to the DB, it should send in the above said format to access.<BR><BR>Where am I going wrong..thanks for all your time<BR><BR>

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    Default javascript

    You mention Javascript then give VBScript code so which is it?<BR><BR>What Problem... Give an example.

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