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    Hello, Does anybody know how to solve this problem.<BR>after i Installed Photoshop 5.5 the ASP files are no longer associated automaticly with InterDev but with Photoshop. <BR>I can&#039t seem to change it in Windows File types the only thing i can do is to add an execute program (InterDev) but then i can&#039t just double click on the ASP files to edit them .. i have to right click and choose "Open with InterDev"<BR><BR>-Thanx

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    Hi again, I tried to take a look at the registry and found what it is that is in the way<BR>MyComputerHKEY_CLASSES_ROOT.asp has a value of photoshop of some sort. But can i delete this ? is that safe ? <BR>please take a look at this picture -&#062;<BR>it shows the registry .. <BR><BR>-Thanx

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    Try holding the shift key and right clicking on an ASP file, choose open with and choose Visual InterDev and make sure that the "Always use this program.." checkbox is checked. This generally fixes mis-associated file problems.

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