Story :I was nearly finished with implenting the cached page object from 4 guys to a page I puzzle with. I had to rewrite it a bit since my server don&#039;t support window script host 5. (I currently don&#039;t own a server..) When I was finished and all seemed to work,- <BR><BR>Problem : - I noticed that all special charter&#039;s that are common in North European countries++ where excanged with a ? . So I tried to lookup the problem at msdn and tried to change Microsoft.XMLHTTP with MSXML2.ServerXMLHTTP.4.0 . Same thing..<BR>Any ideas??<BR>charters in html: æ ø å ä ö ü<BR>Charters in text: æ ø å ä ö ü<BR>Its when the charters is in text form the problem occure..<BR>In advance thanks