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    I have gone mad debugging this problem. Can you please tell me why thi sis happeneing .. It was working fine and then suddenly this. Heres my code.. this is my databinding sub<BR><BR>----open connection<BR>dim ds as new dataset("mydbname")<BR>---sql string<BR>dim dsc as new sqldataadapter(sql,myconnection)<BR>dsc.fill(ds)<B R>Details.DataSource=ds<BR>Details.databind()<BR>m yconnection.close()<BR><BR>And then on the onitemdatabound method from datagrid i am calling this function <BR><BR>sub getresultdetail(sender as object,e as DataGridItemEventArgs)<BR>lbl_msg.text = e.item.DataItem("orderid") ---&#062; this is where i get the error msg<BR>end sub

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    You need to check the e.Item.ItemType, you won&#039;t have a dataitem if you are on a header or footer item.

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