I have a vbscript that passes a adodb connection and recordset to a vb dll (the connection and recordset) haven&#039;t been initialized or connected. The dll function parameter list for the adodb and recordset set is "byref". The dll works as <BR>expected the connection is established, recordset created, yet when it returns to the caller(vbscript) the recordset is "empty".<BR>I definatly do not issue a close for either the connection or recordset.<BR><BR>The vb dll code function:<BR><BR>Public Function the_search(ByRef match_conn1 As Variant, _<BR>ByRef match_rs As Variant, _<BR>ByVal member_id As Variant, _<BR>ByVal search_name As Variant) _<BR>As Variant<BR><BR>the vbscript call:<BR>If dll_search.the_search(ownwords_conn1, _<BR>ownwords_rs, _<BR>"billme", _<BR>"saved search 1") = True Then<BR>End If<BR>if ownwords_rs.EOF = true then<BR>exit do<BR>else<BR>Response.Write ownwords_rs("member_id")<BR>ownwords_rs.NextRecord set<BR><BR>fails with "ADODB.Recordset (0x800A0E78) Operation is not allowed when the object is closed."<BR><BR>Any ideas ? Thanks !!!!!!