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    Hi! everybody,<BR> I&#039m working in a company. for my company i&#039m doing one application where all Employees can share their knowledge by sharing their files/components by uploading to server, and i should be able to provide to all employees to download all the files/which ever he wants. for this should i need to keep all the files in database ? or by keeping all the files(which all employees r uploading) in a folder on the server can i achieve it ? any time any person should be able to either download/upload any file. how can i achieve it ? pl. kindly help me in this..<BR>Thanks in advance.<BR>my mail id : anil@nextset@com

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    Hi,<BR><BR>Your best bet would be to create a directory structure on your server where files could be uploaded (possibly by category). Then use a database to track the filename and server path of what has been uploaded, and any other audit info you&#039d like.<BR><BR>In order to allow your users to upload to the server you&#039d probably want an upload component, a list of which you can find at<BR><BR>Jerome.

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