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    Here is the situtation <BR>I have a hidden textbox... name="ContactID"<BR>I set it&#039;s visibility = false... when I click on a button that reloads that page say from salesleads.aspx to salesleads.aspx?ID=39 the hidden field does not appear on the new page. Like it&#039;s not even in the source code. Any ideas on why this would be?

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    Because that&#039;s how it was designed. If you set visiblity to false, it doesn&#039;t get written in the the HTML sent as the response at all.<BR><BR>If you want a hidden field on the page, use an HTML hidden field instead of an asp:textbox. If you want to be able to access it easily, programmatically, set runat="server" as an attribute of your hidden field.

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