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    I have a column with text next to a column with an image. If the image is wide I want the width of the text column to decrease.<BR><BR>Having percentage widths wont do it? What if I leave the width value out altogether?<BR>

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    I&#039;m sorry...<BR><BR>Certain things you have to just try.<BR><BR>If you give a TABLE a fixed width of, say, 400 pixels. If that table has two columns - one with a picture and one with text. Give the picture-column a width of 1. That&#039;s 1 pixel. Give the text column a width of 100%.<BR><BR>What&#039;ll happen is that the picture-column will be as small as possible - so it&#039;ll be as small as the image. The text column will be as large as possible, so will take up the extra space.<BR><BR>Note this&#039;ll ONLY work if you have just those two columns. If you have more, you have to work along the same lines, but it gets more complex.<BR><BR>Craig.

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