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    I have 2 tables in my db cities and areas(within the cities)<BR><BR>I want to have one dropdown that when you click on an area it pulls up all the areas within that city in the second dropdown.<BR><BR>any ideas?

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    Default It's called a dependent dropdown...

    It&#039;s called a "dependent dropdown": and sometimes a "dependent menu". Try a search for it here and on Google. I&#039;ve done one similar to what you&#039;re looking for and people here helped me create it so the search will help you.<BR><BR>

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    Default RE: It's called a dependent dropdown...

    Yeah. I&#039;m not sure if Bill wrote this, or if he just uses it as an example.<BR><BR>But it&#039;s a good one.<BR>http://www.clearviewdesign.com/newbie/<BR><BR>Craig.

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