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    I&#039;m using session.lcid = 2057 in the global.asa to set the locale setting to UK.<BR><BR>The main reason for using this is to ensure that date format is british i.e. dd/mm/yyyy.<BR><BR>One of the sites I am working on that the session.lcid does not seem to affect the date format i.e. it still reports back in US format mm/dd/yyyy.<BR><BR>This method has always worked in the past - do you have any suggestions why the session.lcid setting would be ignored by an .asp script ? <BR><BR>Thanks<BR>

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    It shouldn&#039;t be.<BR><BR>Personally, I normally write my own function to force the date into the format I want (normally YYYY-MM-DD, but could be determined via a parameter), not relying on FormatDate() or default settings.<BR><BR>No doubt I&#039;ll be told that this is bad practise, but it&#039;s never failed me so far.<BR><BR>Craig.

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