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    Hi i am doing site in .<BR>i want to do my site which support to all screen areas (resolutions) means for all screen areas like 1024*768,800*600,1280*1024 screen appearance should be same.<BR><BR>right now i developed for 1024*768.its looks fine for this are.But if i changed resolution to 800*600 i need to scroll vertically and horizantally.Is there any solution to do for all resolutions.i am using grapphics means jpg and gif also in my site.<BR><BR>thanks sr.

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    a) build it without fixed-widths being involved, with a minimum target of 800x600<BR>b) fix the widths to under 800x600<BR><BR>why is this ASP.NET related by the way? it&#039;s a design issue with no relevance to programming per se.<BR><BR><BR>j<BR>

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