I am working on a program that retrieves a page full of products via a screen scrape and then uses regular expressions to match all the prices on the page. Ideally the end user would be shown the page that was scraped only next to each price there would be a link they could click and it would pass the index number of that price... so far this is what i have:<BR>re.Pattern = "($[0-9]*.[0-9]{2})"<BR>strData = re.Replace(strData,"$1 &#060;a href=&#039;blah.asp?index=&#039;&#062;click me&#060;/a&#062;")<BR>is there any way to have a number automatically increment and be thrown into the link as a parameter?.. Im not so sure it can be done with replace() and i oculdnt do it looping through the matches because I want to be able to display the page in its original content only with the addition of the link next to each dollar value... any ideas?