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    Hi Gurus,<BR><BR>I have some values that are retrieving from database. I want to put these values on Page for debug purpose. How can I hide these values from user? I am new in ASP and didn&#039;t figure out how can I hide any item on page from user. Please guide me <BR><BR>Thanks<BR>

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    Use session variables<BR>or do something in querystring<BR><BR>Check to see if it is there or not.<BR><BR>Session("CheckThingsOut") = "SomeName"<BR><BR>IF Session("CheckThingsOut") = "SomeName" Then<BR>&#039;Show your debug code<BR>End IF<BR><BR>OR pass the value in the querystring<BR><BR>Many ways to do it.<BR>A simple if then ,end if statement determins weather to show the debug code or not.<BR>

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