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    I&#039;m inserting email addresses into a field called "email" on our database (or trying to) - if I enter an address with anything more than 15 characters I get an error:<BR><BR>Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server error &#039;80040e57&#039; <BR><BR>String or binary data would be truncated. <BR><BR>The paramater is dimensioned in the SP as varchar(100) and in the database its a nvarchar(100). Any ideas why this would happen? (when I response.write it to the process page it comes out fine)

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    Default Error in invoking the SP???

    Maybe you have the field order scrambled and are trying to put email into zipcode which *is* defined as varchar(15)???<BR><BR>Is there *ANY* field defined as varchar(15) or char(15) or similar????<BR><BR>I know, I know, this is the obvious stuff. But you haven&#039;t given us much to go on.<BR><BR>

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