I&#039;m trying to create my first ASP.NET Web Application project in Visual Studio.net 2002 on Windows 2000 Professional. Unfortunately VS.net won’t complete the process. Instead, I&#039;m receiving an error message referencing an invalid character in a directory path on the C drive. <BR><BR>The error message reads exactly as follows: <BR>Cannot create the offline cache in &#039;C:Documents and SettingsChris O&#039;ConnorVSWebCacheCJOCONNORWebApplication1&#0 39;. Invalid character in web name "/C:/Documents and Settings/Chris O&#039;Connor/VSWebCache/CJOCONNOR/WebApplication1. (0x27)<BR><BR>Although I&#039;m not positive, I strongly suspect that the apostrophe in the system folder "Chris O&#039;Connor" is the invalid character it&#039;s referring to. I&#039;d appreciate any insights into how to resolve this.<BR>