I was hoping to use the task scheduler on the server to accomplish this but it is not available through my host. The script below reads a text file and if the time difference is enough I need to have an asp page (located in the same folder) execute. I have tried several things like server.execute (also unavailable) and worked with Microsoft.XMLHTTP. I used post instead of get with this but to no avail. Any help in getting the other asp page to process would be a great help. <BR><BR><BR><BR>&#060;%@ Language=VBScript %&#062;<BR>&#060;%<BR><BR>Set ObjMyFile = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")<BR>Set OpenMyFile = ObjMyFile.OpenTextFile(Server.MapPath("update.txt" ))<BR>MyFileValue = OpenMyFile.ReadLine<BR>OpenMyFile.Close<BR> <BR> If DateDiff("h",MyFileValue,NOW) &#062; 12 Then<BR><BR> &#039; Here you would put any code you need to run<BR> &#039; I have tried server.execute and many other options here<BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> Set WriteMyFile = ObjMyFile.CreateTextFile(Server.MapPath("update.tx t"))<BR> WriteMyFile.WriteLine(NOW)<BR> WriteMyFile.Close<BR> <BR> End if<BR><BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>The other asp page needs to process without the client leaving the page where this is included.<BR><BR>Thanks