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    Hi All,<BR><BR>While I&#039m trying the login source on my site, I have a logical error as below;<BR><BR>Put the file "check_user_inc.sp" into the my html file. And test it. But, The html can able to submit form ! so, Whenever I pass the login is ok, my submit form automatically run itself and produce expected result but jump the result html without ask the form boxes "like input, textarea..." and submit button !<BR><BR>Why/How is it occur as I explained problem above ?<BR><BR>Thank You

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    Hi Sener.<BR><BR>I have the think I found the answer to your logical error:<BR><BR>The HTML can might be able to submit form ! but, So, Not if no form automatically run, You see? Then, Expected result will jump the HTML file into form, but login if not is ok ! So, Solution is to not jump form into HTML and not form, Instead of form able to not could, No show result.<BR><BR>I should hope this should can solve in helping your problems.<BR><BR>If you not understand all of nothing or HTML, Let me know and look ! We will not think to work it with, Right ?<BR><BR>Take care,<BR>Lasse.<BR>( spacerain@spacerain.net )<BR>

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