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    I have an unusual question. Is there a way to make two completely different<BR>web sites interact with each other? For example, Web Site #1 is a shopping<BR>site where customers can access their accounts, including their accumulated<BR>points. The points, however, are maintained by a separate company with a<BR>separate web site. I am tyring to find out if there is a way to send the<BR>CustomerID from Web Site #1 to a page on Web Site #2 where a procedure uses<BR>the value to query #2&#039s DB and send the value of the "points" to the page on<BR>#1. This needs to be done without exposing the user to Web Site #2. Any<BR>suggestions?

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    Interesting problem. There&#039s a way to do just about anything.<BR><BR>If I were going to do something like this in Perl, I would configure a server-side script to GET or POST the query to the "points" script on site 2. Then, with the information, the script would continue executing by opening another socket to site 1, getting or posting the update with the userid. <BR><BR>(you may or may not have to make the update to site 1 a two-step process, i.e., once to open the page and login, the next to send the point modification.<BR><BR>good luck... this requires intermediate to advanced knowledge of Perl. <BR><BR>---&#062; If anyone can tell me how to open a socket with VBscript, please email me!!! &#060;----

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