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    I&#039;m running a website which normally is making the processor going from 20% to about 80%, and once in a while going to 100% but just for one second or so. The website is running win2k server and (no old asp).<BR><BR>But then suddenly after running the site normally for a while the processor jumbs to 100% and stays there for maybe 30-60 seconds(sometimes upto 5 minutes) and then goes back down. This behaviour is offcource not popular with my users because the Request Queue goes up the roof and the user experience long responses or Server To Busy error. I can also see that the aspnet_wp.exe is taking most of the processor power. Request/sec stays the same as before this happen about 20-50/sec, so this isn&#039;t attack from somebody with to many requests.<BR><BR>What I think this could be is one aspx page on my website that hangs the server, and ofcourse I have no idea which one it is. So my question is if anybody knows about a software that monitors each aspx page, how much processor power it uses, memory, recourses, time to execute, etc. <BR><BR>Maybe it&#039;s not one aspx page doing all the damage but something else, so if you have any ideas then they are welcome.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>ingig

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    there&#039;s tracing built into ASP.NET however I&#039;m not convinced this will help in this case.<BR><BR><BR>do you have a decent version of VS.NET? you can use Application Center Test to monitor this stuff very closely.

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