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    I don&#039;t get this error all the time. To be honest, it seems to happen randomly. I think it has something to do with logging off and back on. The error usually happens in the same place. When I put in a user_id and password in the applications logon.asp page and submit. The funny part is when I click no to debug. The error will show up in pairs. I&#039;ll click no and one more of the same js alert errors show up. I click no again and something seems to happen (always a blank browser window) and then a couple more will show up. This doesn&#039;t usually end until i close the browser and come back in. I log in just fine and it wont happen for a week or two.<BR><BR>The error is...<BR><BR>A Runtime Error has occurred.<BR>Do you wish to Debug?<BR><BR>Line: 7<BR>Error: The callee (server( [not server application] ) is not available and disappeared; all connections are invalid. The call did not execute.<BR><BR>Of course, I debug and the error is on this line...<BR><BR>if (top.window.opener && &&[0] &&[0].startSessionTimer)<BR><BR>startSessionTimer is a function that just resets the session.

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    Normally this is when you&#039;re trying to reference a "window.opener" object that&#039;s been closed and destroyed.<BR><BR>That&#039;s when I&#039;ve seen it anyway.<BR><BR>You might want to change that line. I believe that ALL elements in that IF will be checked, not just one. So if you do:<BR>if(myObject && myObject.subObject && myObject.subObject.method()){<BR><BR>If myObject, and myObject.subObject don&#039;t exist, you&#039;ll get errors.<BR><BR>Craig.

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