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    I have computer logging into an iis box. They are asked to enter a log in when going to the local intranet site. I would like to be able to give the same logins to a group of people, and then distinguish by the COMPUTER NAME that logged in. I tried eequest.ServerVariables("REMOTE_HOST") - give me the ip. and REMOTE_USER give me the login name when the logged into the iis website. Is there any way with asp to get the NAME of the COMPUTER that logged in?<BR><BR>THanks!

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    Default Only with ActiveX component... the *browser*.<BR><BR>Since this is for inTRAnet, that should be possible. You&#039;d have to get each user to download and install a tiny little browser-side component that would pass along the computer name for you.<BR><BR>A slightly simpler way: Rather than invent your own component, just use FSO in the client browser (the user would still have to allow that, of course) and have it read a little text file. Have each machine simply copy its own computer name to that text file.<BR><BR>Other ways possible, but all involve opening up some sort of "hole" in the system to allow what is ordinarily privileged info to be transmitted by the browser.<BR><BR>

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