Hi, <BR>I have an aspx page called page1.aspx. Now on this page i have form which contains a few textboxes and drop down lists. user enters data and selects appropriate values from drop down lists (the page postbacks here so that data is fetched for the next dropdown depending on the current dropdown list box value). <BR>Then the user hits Submit button after filling the form. I use the Server.Transfer navigational method of asp.net and display a thank you message. <BR>My problem is, when the user hits the back button on the browser at this point (after the request is submitted), then IE asks me that the page is expired and hit refresh. When i hit refresh, my browser displays page1.aspx but with the form and the data that user had filled before hitting submit. I want to display a blank form to user at this point and not what he previously entered. How do i do this? <BR><BR>Thank you in advance.