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    I asked for help earlier in this post:<BR><BR>Then , I followed up that post asking for help about UserControls @<BR><BR>I was able to get all of it to work at one point. But, unfortunately, this method strikes me as too complicated to set-up on the server and if I don’t have control over the server, it’s not a viable option.<BR><BR>So, I’m going to ask again for any ideas on ways to combine web pages together. I have a menu header that I want to include on several pages. In classic ASP, I would just use an include statement, but I’m having trouble in .NET. Screenscraping and Usercontrols haven’t worked very well.<BR><BR>What other options do I have for this?

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    What exactly do you mean "you need to set up things on the server"? To use User Controls, you do not need to set up anything on the server at all.<BR><BR>Is your site in 1 .NET project or multiple .NET projects? If it is in multiple projects and you do not want to modify server settings, then try custom controls instead ( has some examples and is very helpful in this area).<BR><BR>Think of the USER CONTROL as containing the same content as your include file would. Nothing changes there.<BR><BR>Then, in the page you want to include it in, you just need to reference it properly.<BR><BR>Again, you can still use include files, but that is not the best solution.<BR><BR>JM

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