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    Hi,<BR>i have an asp page that shows various information. It&#039;s generated by sub functions which get SQL string as parameter and making the HTML table itself with the data from database is done int he sub functions. Now i want to either make a new popup page to update the database if people want to change the data on the asp page that has the html table. I can&#039;t post any code , but i could give an example:<BR>SQLstring = generate the wanted sql here<BR>CallSomeSub SQLstringParam //this sub program creates html table with the data from query. The important thing i would like to have help with is, that can i make a page that can have many changes made before it updates to database (maybe with update button or something) I can use VBscript and html to do this. Any info will be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Well, you would use a form...

    ...that the user can submit back to your server, which then updates the database. Instead of writing out the values as text into your HTML table, write them out as &#060;input&#062; tags and include the lot inside a form. Then add a submit button at the end and hey presto - the user interface is done. All you then need to do is write a VBScript page to which the form is submitted, which then reads everything in and updates the database.<BR><BR>I&#039;m sure there are tutorials either on this site or somewhere else on the Internet. Do a Google search if you don&#039;t get lucky here.<BR><BR>Oliver.

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