What does all the punctuation mean?

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Thread: What does all the punctuation mean?

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    Larry Kerr Guest

    Default What does all the punctuation mean?

    I have to give a class on ASP. So I need to be able to explain what all the punctuation in an SQL statement means but simply. In the following- where city=&#039" & firstcity & "&#039 - what purpose do the single quote, double quote and ampersand serve? My understanding is the single quote warns there is text coming and then marks the end of the text.

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    Jason Miller Guest

    Default String Concationation Explained a bit...

    Let&#039s go for one that&#039s really nasty:<BR> .doSQL("update [" & tbl & "] set dDate = #12/31/99# where goddess like &#039%" & strDiscordian & "%&#039")<BR><BR>Okay, .doSQL is my function which takes a string and hits my database with it. Don&#039t worry about that bit. Same effect as a objConn.execute.<BR><BR>This will set the dDate column of my specified table to just before Y2K whenever the goddess column resembles something discordian (as specified).<BR><BR>" begins our string of SQL.<BR>[ warns the database that the name coming up might not be standard. This is a good practice, at least on MS databases.<BR>" stops the SQL string.<BR>& attaches another string (in this case, it&#039s my asp variable tbl)<BR>& " attaches more sql string.<BR>= sets the stated SQL column to something else,<BR># is a quotation mark for a date (this is a date, not a string or a number, honest! -- though databases don&#039t always appreciate honesty, watch for that...)<BR>&#039 is a quotation mark for a database.<BR>% is a wildcard for a database<BR>" & stop the sql and attach something from my ASP<BR>& " stop the ASP and attach more sql<BR>% another wildcard<BR>&#039 done with the value we&#039re looking for<BR>" done with the sql command.<BR><BR>For a more practical example of %, just do a "Find Files" for *.ex* on your computer -- it returns any files with ".ex" anywhere in them -- the is the * of SQL.<BR><BR>HiH

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