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Thread: Need Help Sorting and pagin datagrid

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    i have data grid at my form and got its datasource from sqldatareader <BR>coz i read in the book that use datareader instead dataadapter<BR>for better server performance<BR><BR>what i want to ask is how to get allow sort and paging with data grid<BR>eventhough i alreadt make allowpaging and allow sorting properties to<BR>true<BR><BR>i come up with error <BR>"AllowCustomPaging must be true and VirtualItemCount must <BR>be set for a DataGrid with ID dgShowroom when AllowPaging is set to <BR>true and the selected datasource does not implement ICollection."<BR><BR>and if i get allow custom paging check in datagrid property builder<BR>i don&#039;t get the error but my datagrid can&#039;t paging coz at the footer<BR>just have "1" for the paging not "1 2 3 ..."<BR><BR>if i have to change to dataset for paging and sorting that i should<BR>rebuild my coding from scratch again..<BR>is there anyway to fix this? <BR>and how to sort the datagrid?<BR><BR><BR>thanks<BR>

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    You must use a dataAdapter please read the below listed documents.<BR>sorting: <BR>paging: <BR>They helped me out big time.<BR>regards Erik

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