Hi all,<BR><BR>Well nothing to do with ASP Related Technologies..but..this forum is the best..I have always got what I wanted....I thank all the people behind this forum...for their great work. May God bless....Especially Bill...he is an genius..how I wish I had his Brains... :-)<BR><BR>I am developing an asp finance based application.<BR><BR>Now the scenario is that I am listing out the list of FileNo.<BR><BR>There are hundreds of FileNo, hence I have used paging to display accordingly.<BR><BR>Well the FileNo has 2 sub sections under it<BR>(a) Payment Received Details<BR>(b) Supplier Bill<BR><BR>I dont not want to do the conventional way of on the click of hyperlink take them to another page..where the user will have 2 links for the 2 sub links mentioned above and then onclick of either of the links then take them to another page.<BR><BR>I was probably thinking, that if, as soon the user clicks on the FileNo..link..may be a small window which has option between choosing his/her desired sublink.<BR> <BR>May be an dropdown with the names of the 2 sublinks..and onchange it takes to the desired page of the user.<BR><BR>I hope I am clear in what I am trying to achieve.<BR><BR>Well thanks for all your valuable time.<BR><BR>Cheers <BR><BR>Jay