Help, please! My instructor is AWOL (his computer was stolen, and he won&#039;t be avail. for a few days- this is due in 2 days!) I am trying to write a cookie: if the customer is a new visitor, when they click the "Order Now" button they are to be either directed to a login.asp page for login (this page is not yet developed, that&#039;s next weeks assignment) or, if the customer is returning, they are to be directed to an order summary.asp page (again, not yet created). Here&#039;s my code... am I even close to getting them there? Please help if you can!!!!<BR><BR>&#060;% &#039;create cookie<BR> strUserName = Request("USERNAME")<BR> Response.Cookies("USER INFORMATION")("USERNAME")= strUserName<BR> Response.Cookies("USER INFORMATION").Expires = Date + 1<BR> &#039;redirect to login or order summary page<BR> IF strUserName &#060;&#062; "" THEN<BR> strRedir = "orderSummary.asp"<BR> ELSE<BR> strRedir = "login.asp"<BR> END IF<BR><BR><BR>&#039;redirect to login or order summary page <BR> %&#062;<BR>&#060;form name="frmOrderItems" action="&#060;% response.write strRedir%&#062;"&#062;<BR><BR><BR>I hope this makes quasi-sense to someone out there!<BR><BR>Thanks, <BR><BR>Shari K.