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    How does a web site such as (= e-cards) or your web site do to show a preview of the greeting card with the information you just typed in? What is the code, the software, and the methodology used to do that?<BR>

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    Hello, Denise. =)<BR><BR>There are many possible ways to make this happen.... One way is to have a program that deals with vector graphics (simple, line based graphics that aren&#039t .jpg or .gif files) compile your text and the images then show them in a display mode... However, this is the most intricate one I can think of, and what I think a lot of them are doing is using tables (and sometimes DHTML) to display everything. <BR><BR>For example, let&#039s say you wanted to display a graphic, play a (ugh!) midi file in the background, and have the user&#039s text there. The simplest way to do this would be for the user to go ahead and fill out a form that connects to an ASP that sends the form data to a database. Then it associates the user&#039s email address with this database entry, supplies the correct graphic name and song name, and when the recipient goes to view it, all of this is queued form the database, filled into the HTML template, and displayed. Tada! *whew!* Try getting all that out in one breath.... hehe<BR><BR>So, here&#039s what you need to make an e-greetings site:<BR><BR>1. Access to a database. (ORACLE/SQL Plus/mySQL/MS Access, etc)<BR>2. Some sort of background processor program (an ASP program will do wonders for this kind of work)<BR>3. A few templates to fill in the data and display it for the visitor.<BR>4. An auto-email program to send the message ("You&#039ve got an e-card from Joe Blow!") Once again, ASP works wonders in making this easy.<BR><BR>hat&#039s about it. Hope this answers some of your questions!<BR><BR>Sincerely,<BR> --David

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