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    Hi there<BR><BR>I want a simple HTML Form that I put into Outlook 97 email, firstly that I can edit, and then send the HTML form via email to another email user, who can then fill in part of the form and email me back.<BR><BR>Can it be done ?<BR><BR>I&#039;ve tried this, and it seems the data disappear over the otherside.<BR><BR>Red.<BR><BR>

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    Default No, you can't e-mail a completed...

    ...HTML form back. The data is not stored in the HTML, so it will get lost.<BR><BR>What you can do, is to set up the form like you would normally on your server. The user could fill in the form, press "Submit" and the data get posted over to your website, which then saves it or e-mails it on to you, in the normal way.<BR><BR>Oliver.

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